Sorting Hat Meme: Rachel Zane (Suits) - Slytherin

Sorting Hat Meme: Ted Mosby

- GRYFFINDOR~ - Now I realized two things when I got up to this point. One, is that I have yet to sort anyone into Ravenclaw. Fail on my part (BUT I don’t see a lot of these characters as really intellectually logical and actually apply them to their lives) BUT TED has to come the closest to being a Ravenclaw because I think intellectually, he’s smarter (although Marshall went to law school- c’mon) - BUT ALSO THINK how BRAVE Ted is. He always puts his heart on the table and does stupid things for romance because he truly believes that is how he is going to meet the love of his life. AND that he is confident enough to say that if they don’t like him for who he is, he has no problem going elsewhere. - HE IS VERY NERDY THOUGH. And very know-it-all because of his architect knowledge but he’s almost a bit pompous over it (or as his friends say, douche-y) and so he does flaunt whatever it is that he does know. But even though he is “book” smart, he is also very courageous in what he does, reckless even, and that is why I think he belongs in Gryffindor.

Sorting Hat Meme: How I Met Your Mother - Robin Scherbatsky

Robin is crazy. She is a stubborn, gun using, Canadian loving, hot headed girl. She isn’t afraid to take chances. She is willing to say inappropriate things on the air to win money, go to Tokyo and report with a monkey by her side, be a Canadian pop star with embarrassing videos, go to Argentina at the spur of a moment because she wants to travel the world, and take chances on love. She is brave on so many levels and sometimes doesn’t always look at things the right way. But she always takes a chance. She isn’t afraid to touch the displays at a museum and she proudly roots for her Canucks. I think that is everything a Gryffindor is. She could be a Ravenclaw, I’ve thought about it because she is very smart and rational and resourceful as well as empathetic, but I don’t see her as the type to be brainy or think things through before doing them. She sticks with her gut and that’s what I love about her.

Sorting Hat Meme: Lily Aldrin


I am probably the hardest shipper of Slytherin-Hufflepuffs. Prime example: Lily and Marshall. Lily wears the pants, has the ball in her court, has the balls in her hands, of the relationship. She is also very manipulative (there was a whole episode on this, titled: How Lily Stole Christmas) and is known in the group as the person who breaks couples of up because she has the skills for it. She knows her way around the mind and getting people to do what she wants. She doesn’t easily reveal her faults (shopaholic debt) and is feared in the group because she can easily use her “You’re Dead To Me” glare. Still, not all Slytherins are mean. Lily likes to make the best of things and is very kind and considerate (she’s a kindergarden teacher!) but mess with her and you’ll definitely bring out her worst.

Sorting Hat Meme: How I Met Your Mother - Marshall Erikson

Marhsall is the definition of a Hufflepuff. He is patient (with a limit) and kind and undeniably loyal. He would never cheat on Lily, always tries to have everyone get along, and says hello to everyone when he walks out onto the street. This is New York City, by the way and if you know a New Yorker, you know that people think you’re crazy if you walk out on the street like that. But despite all odds, Marshall always believes in the best of people and doesn’t like corporate America because he wants to save the world- the environment. How awesome is that? He is so close to his family and will do anything for his friends. So take that, Hufflepuff haters!

SORTING HAT MEME: Barney Stinson


- AH YES. The classic Slytherin. Very manipulative, always has an alternate motive for doing things and has a very slimy way of getting out of tricky situations. Barney is very cunning which is why he can always talk himself out of a situation (unless he puts up a front in which he screws himself over) and he always tries to look good in front of people and doesn’t seem to quite get the hint that everyone can see past him
- What’s great about Barney is that he goes a little deeper than all the fireworks he wants everyone to see. He can actually be really vulnerable and unlike the rest of the group, only lets a selected few people see him (and even then, on rare occasions and sometimes he denies it) of what he really wants/needs. In the same sense, he is also the type of person to go to any lengths to achieve their goal (e.g. when he decided to fly all the way to L.A. to bring Lily back for Marshall) All of this, he keeps locked away and under very close watch.
- The dude’s got an eye of a hawk and he is freaking awesome for it. And did I mention charismatic?

SORTING HAT MEME: Arthur Pendragon