Just reached a milestone with my blog today and just wanted to say thank you guys for sticking around even though I’m lame and don’t post much <3 Thanksgivings coming up so hopefully I’ll be able to gif and make more graphics until winter break. THANK YOU GUYS 

Got a new iphone case courtesy of Avalon! I love it a lot <3 Go check out her stuff if you haven’t already (: 

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Studying abroad to New Zealand starting July 12th! Will return in the later parts of November, possibly December. I have a queue that’ll go on for about two months. Will try to check in as often as I can, but that’ll probably not happen. Will miss you all! <3 


Just reached this number last night and I want to say I love each and every one of you. Don’t know why you follow me but I love that you do <3 


Don’t bother it’s just pointless ramble. 

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when someone takes the format of your graphics

and makes it a little better… and a little worse at the same time… right down to the size of the images.

My Tumblr summed up in 7 Questions.


URL: acrowdedstreet
Top 5 fandoms you’ll see:  Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Merlin, How I Met Your Mother, Misfits
Top 3 celebrities you’ll see: Emilia Clarke, David Tennant, Beautiful People? (Not big on celebs)
Top 3 other topics you’ll see: TV, Disney, Cute stuff. 
Do I make good graphics? Yes, moderately.
Do I liveblog? no
My Ask Box is: At the top of my blog!

i miss staying after school, making underclassmen get me food, watching my boyfriend play ping pong, and just enjoying my senior year. oh how i miss it so.