Hyde: One funnel cake, extra sugar.
Jackie: Aw, Steven. I knew you’d come back. And to show you how thankful I am, I’m gonna feed you a piece.
Kitty: Oh, get a room.

That 70’s Show (718): Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin’)
Hyde: Hey, I thought maybe we could talk for a minute.
Jackie: Is it about my show? ‘Cause it was awesome. Steven, I went on, and I did great. And I did it on my own. I mean, I’ve never been more proud of myself in my entire life. I’m going to do great on my own. I’m sorry, what did you want to talk about?
Hyde: Well, um. I just wanna say congratulations on your show.
Jackie: Thank you.
Hyde: Yeah.

That 70’s Show (7x16): On With The Show
That 70’s Show (7x09): You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Jackie: Oh my god, Steven. You like me in a wedding dress. Which means, that someday, we’re going to get married. Which means that I can talk about it! Oh! Steven, okay. I want a spring wedding, outside, with white doves. And I want the sun to be setting behind me so that I have a halo like an angel. Oh, and then a wild mustang can take us to our honeymoon in Hawaii! Oh, but your family can’t come.

That 70’s Show (6x18) Do You Think It’s Alright
Eric: Bob, you’re just like me. We give regular guys hope. You can’t leave Pam! Because… Because Pam’s your Donna.

That 70’s Show (6x16): Man With Money
Hyde: So I stil have a shot with you.
Jackie: No! No, you don’t. I mean, okay. I don’t know.

That 70’s Show (5x24) - Fez Gets Busted
That 70’s Show (5x24) - Fez Gets Busted
That 70’s Show (5x23) - Hyde Loves Jackie
That 70’s Show (5x22) - The Nurses are Coming
That 70’s Show (5x19) - Jackie’s in the House