Stannis stretched forth a hand, and his fingers closed around one of the leeches.“Say the name,” Melisandre commanded. The leech was twisting in the king’s grip, trying to attach itself to one of his fingers.

“The usurper,” he said. “Joffrey Baratheon.”

When he tossed the leech into the fire, it curled up like an autumn leaf amidst the coals, and burned. Stannis grasped the second.

“The usurper,” he declared, louder this time. “Balon Greyjoy.”

He flipped it lightly onto the brazier, and its flesh split and cracked. The blood burst from it, hissing and smoking. The last was in the king’s hand. This one he studied a moment as it writhed between his fingers.

“The usurper,” he said at last. “Robb Stark.”

And he threw it on the flames.

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