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You all caught up on Suits? or did you drop it? I've seen some people quit this show... tbh storyline is kinda repetitive and still pissed at the way writers treat some of characters especially Rachel... UGH... And your tags of Harvey/Rachel gifset make me so sad bc it seems writers are never gonna give her something other than "being girlfriend" storyline.. :'((

I am! I run a Suits blog, so I kinda have to be caught up. But yes, I am very tired of it. The way they treat Rachel on the show is awful. And it doesn’t make it any better that I hate Mike and all her scenes are with… Mike. I hope it gets out of this rut, but again, being the “man’s man” show that it is, I doubt it will. 


Harvey + Rachel in Season 4a

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Jamie & Claire - 1x01 Sassenach 

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The Belchers as Guardians of the Galaxy!


Hey petals,
Bees are vanishing and I’m like crying my ass off because without them i won’t have any food or pals ya know that’s what happens when all you eat is plants!
I just wanted to say that we all have to start appreciating bees - they’re great lil pollinators and without them we won’t have most fruit, nuts and veggies or even flowers! Bees are the best i mean thanks to them this whole planet is functioning - without plants herbivorous\vegetarian animals won’t have what to eat so they’ll die, and then carnivorous animals won’t have vegetarian animals to eat so they’ll die and damn this whole world will collapse aye??

So please do this planet a little favor by helping the bees!
1. Don’t eat honey (the bees’ winter food source) because bees in honey hive farms just leave the hive and never come back.
2. If you have the money for it, try to buy organic fruit & veggies.
3. You have a garden/yard? great! Plant bee friendly flowers (asters, clover, cosmos, foxglove, roses, snowdrops, sunflowers)
don’t use chemicals and pesticides though.
4. Try not to be a jerk and get stung ok bees aren’t very thrilled to sting you so don’t get all scared when they fly near just don’t move.
5. Love bees alright they’re the bee’s knees ♥

Agree with most of this, although not eating honey at all doesn’t seem like the most sensible suggestion. Yes, bees should have enough food for the hive to survive but honey brings a whole lot of benefits. Like honeycombs, if there is excess, the bees will become cramped and creates an unhealthy environment. I would suggest getting local and organic honey instead of the commercialized stuff in the supermarkets! Honey is extremely good for you so you shouldn’t cut it out of your diet! 

ashishorny asked:
Top 5 Mindy/Danny TOUCHING moments (not like sweet, just moments where they have touched).



  1. the randomness of him cupping her face i’m so.
  2. cool it, mindy (also his face. a joke.)
  3. a completely necessary part of the choreography.
  4. god
  5. listen i was the most endeared in the world by this and i don’t fully understand why

i tried to make these all non romantic moments because lbr, with him grabbing her butt every two seconds, and all of the making out and hand holding, we’d be here all night.